Facebook page services

We offer a full range of Facebook page services for small business, whether you just need it set up for you or managed on a monthly basis.  Please see our packages below.

1. Facebook page set-up:

  • Set-up and name
  • Create branded cover image
  • Upload logo or photo thumbnail image
  • Add description of your business and contact details
  • Add other administrators for your page
  • Page settings


2. Facebook page advanced:

As per Facebook page set-up, plus:

  • Image galleries
  • Customised tabs: integrate your website and social media onto your Facebook page
    • Welcome page
    • Website tab
    • YouTube tab
    • Twitter tab
    • Pinterest tab
    • Instagram Tab
  • Opt-in lists to capture email


3. Facebook page managed:

  • Unlimited posts on FB
    • Your blogs & news
    • Images & collages
    • Share links and videos
    • Highlighted posts
    • Milestone posts
  • Set-up and manage competitions (prize budget required and optional advert budget)
  • Boosted posts to increase your reach beyond direct followers (advert budget required)
  • Targeted adverts to increase likes, website traffic or capture leads through landing pages (advert budget required)


Facebook users in Ireland

IRISH people use Facebook more often than people in any other country in the English-speaking world.  Facebook makes up 63pc of Irish social-media activity, twice as much as all other social-media sites combined.  The figure puts Irish Facebook activity higher than that in the UK (55pc) and significantly higher than that in the US (47pc). (As reported by ADRIAN WECKLER Technology Editor, Independent in SEPTEMBER 2013)


Other stats of Interest for Facebook in Ireland:

There are 1,942,980 Irish profiles on Facebook (Facebook.com)
– This is an increase of just under 78,000 since February 2011
– This represents just growth of just over 4%
– Over 900 new profiles are set up each day
– The average Irish person spends 4hours 10 minutes on Facebook per month, well ahead of competitors Google sites (2hrs 51mins), Microsoft sites (1hr 36mins) and RTE.ie (22 mins). (*Comscore)
– 54% of users female v 46% male (Ipsos MRBI)
– 49% of the population over 15 years of age are on Facebook, thats down 1% from Feb (Ipsos MRBI)
– 49% of the unemployed are on Facebook (Ipsos MRBI)
– 47% of Facebook users log in daily down from 50% in February
– 24% every couple of days (same)
– 12% log in weekly (up 1%) (Ipsos MRBI)

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